New digs for Petragogy

Ruby digs another holeThis is my first post at Petragogy’s new home.  In its first incarnation, my blog was hosted by the University of Saskatchewan. It is a free service offered to University of Saskatchewan faculty, staff, and students, and that’s the problem. As a sessional lecturer, I don’t know from one term to the next whether I’ll have a job with the U of S, which means I could lose access to my blog at any time. Because I have plans for Petragogy, it doesn’t make sense for me to have the U of S continue to host it.

Moving a blog is remarkably like moving to a new apartment, although the packing up and unpacking are much easier.   (If only one could “export” and “import” boxes of belongings so effortlessly.) One closes the door on the old apartment for the last time with the faintest sense of loss for the comfort and familiarity of the old place, while at the same time feeling relieved to be out from under the landlord’s control.

As with moving to a new apartment, the new space needs decorating before it looks like home. I’ve negotiated a little more flexibility with the new landlord, so I splashed some paint around and put up new wallpaper. I also expect to add a few new appliances.

Once I get settled in, my plan is to add some pages. The course management systems I use have limitations, and I plan to use my pages to work around those limitations. At the U of S, I am able to post resources on course websites on Blackboard, but a new course website must be set up each time a course is offered. At Athabasca University, the course website remains the same, but the only way I can add to the website is by posting announcements. That format makes it very difficult for students to see at a glance what resources are available. Also, announcements have dates attached to them, so I have to tell each new student that the old announcements are still relevant.

With Petragogy at its new home, I have the stability, autonomy, and tools that I lack elsewhere.

I will be returning the keys to the old landlord in the upcoming week.

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